All About PixelJo

I am 43-years old (but was carded at the bar just two nights ago!). I work full-time in Customer Service. I have three beautiful (okay, I’m biased), talented, intelligent daughters, a cat – who has been trying our patience lately, a dog – who is more beautiful than she is smart, and a husband devoted to hockey.

On the previous incarnation of this blog, I called myself a renaissance gal. I still do. I’m a dabbler. I love to learn new skills…constantly.

I live my life online and must make conscious efforts to disconnect sometimes. I love cooking, photography and most crafty things…although I am most skilled as a knitter, and working on making sewing/quilting the next best skill. I love to read, and fancy myself an aspiring writer. I may actually have a story or two up my sleeve at this point. Stay tuned.

I won’t tell you about the disaster that my previous blog became, but, I managed to salvage most of my writing. It will crop up here from time to time.

I have another blog, set up as a Q&A about food, cooking, technique, recipes, entertaining, planning, etc. You can check it out at Eat or Die! I share editing with my good friend Angela…I’m known over there as Pixel Jo.

Welcome to a peek at my life. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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